Best Advertising For Your Child Care Program

It’s true that word of mouth advertising is the best way to attract clientele and great staff to work in your child care program.

The unfortunate part is sometimes waiting for the positive word of mouth to spread can take awhile. And it still may not help you get the “expert” status you deserve.

Would you like a way to get the positive word of mouth out about you and your child care program in a big way?

If you want to increase your “expert status” and get the word out there about you and your child care program don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a guest on the Leadership Connection Radio Program. I am launching this radio program next month and our target audience will be the parents!!

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Here’s how to take advantage of this advertising opportunity for you and your program:

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Julie Bartkus

Child Care Leadership: Customer Loyalty In Your Child Care Program

“In spite of my efforts to try to make my customers feel like I care and that my organization is a wonderful place for children and their families, I still have parents who spread negative gossip or they just leave my child care program without giving any notice.”

Can you relate to this statement? This is one common feeling that child care leaders have shared with me about the topic of customer loyalty. The challenge is that, as a child care leader, you are dealing with many different perspectives of your child care program. You have your perspective, your staff’s perspective, the children’s perspective and the parent’s perspective. Everyone’s perspective is reality to them – and that’s why building customer loyalty can be a tough objective in your child care program.

Our guest, JoAnna Brandi, shares her perspective as a parent about a child care program her daughter was enrolled in many years ago. Is her perspective right? Maybe. Maybe not. But it’s hers and it’s important to understand what made her scared at times to pick up her child — especially on the days she was running late. JoAnna shares many fantastic strategies that you can implement immediately to help you build customer loyalty.

|image3|JoAnna Brandi is the Publisher of the Customer Care Coach® a weekly leadership training program for customer-focused culture change. She has been President of JoAnna Brandi & Company for the last 17 years. Prior to starting her own company she was the Director of Direct Marketing Services, a division of CMP Media in NY. She is author of three books, “Winning at Customer Retention, 101 Ways to Keep ‘em Happy, Keep ‘em Loyal, and Keep ‘em Coming Back”, “54 Ways to Stay Positive in a Changing, Challenging and Sometimes Negative World”, and “Building Customer Loyalty — 21 Essential Elements in Action.”

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Effective Interviewing for Child Care Leaders

In the 1994 movie “The Mask,” Jim Carrey turns from wimp to mischief-seeking hero by concealing his true identity. The real world is not much different. While you might not be interviewing candidates with a slick green face and protruding teeth it is often difficult to determine who the real person is beneath the mask and to reveal which mask they put on for your job interview.

If you’ve ever felt deceived by a new team member who ended up being someone other than that wonderful, positive, skilled candidate you interviewed, you’ll be delighted by our guest on this issue of the Leadership Connection. Joining us is Dennis Vicars, Executive Director and CEO of the Professional Association for Childhood Education Alternative Payment Program. Dennis has 25 years experience in early childhood and is an active speaker and workshop host for various child care organizations. He is an expert at unmasking candidates during the interview process and has numerous articles published in Child Care Information Exchange. Dennis shares:

• 4 success strategies for effectively hiring the right person
• 5 hidden personality traits
• 7 questions to help you determine if a candidate is the right fit for your team
• 3 ways a leader can generate excitement and attract new employees

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Propel Your Child Care Staff Out of Old Mindsets!

Propel Your Staff Out of Old Mindsets! Today you can discover how to help your staff think about abundance even when resources are extremely limited. Today you can generate excitement and enthusiasm for your vision and what you would like to accomplish in the child care industry. Begin a more prosperous journey in your life and child care program today.

What does prosperity mean to you? What does it look like? What does it feel like? These are questions I asked child care leaders in more than 30 different child care programs. Some of the responses related to having more money to invest in resources for children, staff and parents while other responses related to a feeling of enthusiastic involvement from parents, staff and the community.

On this issue of the Leadership Connection, Hillary Harris joins us to answer the following questions:

* Why is having a prosperous mindset so important for child care leaders?

* How can an organization be prosperous if resources are limited?

* How can leaders begin the process of creating a prosperous child care program?

* What are the most common challenges people face when it comes to creating prosperity?

* Are there ways to know if someone has a prosperous mindset when you first meet (Like during a job interview)?

* How can you align your team in a prosperous direction?

* How can you propel yourself and team members out of old mindsets?

* What are the day-to-day must dos to create a prosperous life?

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Marketing Your Child Care Program

Discover Creative Marketing Ideas That Will Propel Your Early Care & Education Program To The Next Level of Success. I’m talking about low cost and no cost marketing ideas that will help you create and implement a marketing plan easily. So put your marketing worries (no time & no money) aside and get ready to take a joyous ride through enrollment building and marketing. This journey will leave you thinking — yes, I can do this!

The information will help you:
*Increase your conversion rates from visits to enrollments
*Stay organized while marketing
*Generate positive word of mouth advertising in just minutes a day
*Be known as the expert or top-notch program in your community
*Invest as little as possible in your marketing and enrollment building efforts

Here’s just a sampling of the challenges we’ll help you overcome:

*Finding cost effective marketing and enrollment building methods that work.
*Having no marketing budget
*Trying to evaluate the dollars spent on return
*Determining how and where to advertise
*Reaching out to as many as possible for the least cost
*Promoting yourself as the unique program you are
*Increasing enrollment
*Making marketing “new” and “fresh”

Additionally you’ll answers to the following questions:

*How much should you allocate for your marketing budget?
*What marketing strategies avail the best results?
*Should you market all year round?
*What are some low-cost or no-cost marketing ideas?
*Should your program continue to market even when your enrollment is full?
*What are the 3 “must dos” for child care leaders when it comes to marketing?
*What are the 3 “do not dos” when it comes to marketing?

Our guest on this audio program is Julie Wassom. Julie is the is the author of The Enrollment Building Success Library. This collection of learning programs focuses on securing enrollment and marketing your early care and education services. She has written numerous articles for industry publications such as Child Care Information Exchange.

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Building Your Child Care Network

Building a strong network of people will help you with your marketing efforts and ability to overcome your daily challenges in your child care program.

When you think about networking what comes to mind? Is it a lack of time to get out there and do it or is it a fear of getting outside of your comfort zone to meet others through attending social functions? Our guest, Tere Holmes encourages everyone to get out there and as Nike’s slogan says: “Just do it!” She can’t believe that now after spending over 30 years in the child care industry she is so fond of networking because at first the thought of stepping outside of her box made her very uncomfortable especially as a director.

Now as the Western Operations Director of The Sunshine House, Tere manages early care and education programs in four states. Currently, Tere serves as vice president on the board of the National Association of Child Care Professionals and is the current president-elect of the Texas Licensed Child Care Association. Legislative and regulatory issues are very important to Tere and she stays involved on both the state and national level. Tere strives to bring her sense of humor and passion for her profession to everything she does.

Tere has come to realize how valuable the relationships that she’s created throughout her career are – not only to her success but also to the success of the people who she’s responsible for growing. If she has a need, she now has such an incredible network built that she always knows someone who she can reach out to and contact for help.

My conversation with Tere definitely inspired me. If you need a little more convincing, here are a few more benefits to keep in mind as you begin thinking about your networking plan of action. The benefits involved with networking are absolutely tremendous. I recently read that effective networking is 12 times more effective than a paid advertisement. Other benefits that can be gained from networking include the ability to overcome major challenges, positive word of mouth advertising for your program, increased enrollment, referrals to your program for top-notch job candidates and being one of the first to find out important information about grants and training opportunities.

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