Transitioning from work to home

Yes, it is a challenge to mentally transition from work to home. Listed below are several strategies that will help you to leave your work at work so you can have more mental and physical energy to invest in your personal life.

1) Make a to do list for the following day before your work day ends. If you have a planner, use it; otherwise, a piece of paper will do the trick. Before you end your workday, write down all the things you have to get done the following day. If you choose to do this consistently, you will experience a load being shifted from your mind onto a piece of paper. You’ll experience less stress, frustration, and anxiety.

2) Practice a transitional activity. Once your workday ends, find an activity that you can engage in that requires focus and allows no time for other thoughts. Examples of transitional activities include exercise, meditation, reading, etc.

3) Journal about your day. This is a powerful tool. Write about your day, including the good and bad. Once again a ton of stress, frustration, and anxiety will be lifted from your mind.

4) Make the decision to leave work at work. I’ll never forget a statement Les Brown made during one of his motivational speeches. Les stated that we can’t control what thoughts pop into our minds — but we can control what thoughts we dwell on. Choose to dwell on positive, motivating thoughts!

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