A Simple Note of Thanks

I just received an email from a colleague of mine who shared the thanks that her and her husband share everyday on September 11th. She said that it’s a special day for them because he was one of the lucky people who made it out of the World Trade Center and they never want to forget how blessed they truly are.

I remember the day well. Sitting in my office thinking about my next leadership retreat when there it was on the TV. I’m sure you have the images etched in your mind just as vividly as I do.

I remember hearing the stories of bravery and teamwork and of people just doing whatever it took to help one another out. There was a story about a child care center whose teachers saved all the children inside by exiting quickly. It didn’t matter that they were wearing their paper slippers and had to walk over broken glass – they got the children out of there and to safety.

When I reflect on these stories I’m reminded of the miracles that happen in tragic situations and how today in spite of circumstances that are going on within your program or hardships that you’re facing, miracles will happen, people will go the extra mile and you will accomplish amazing things.

I continue to be inspired by those of you who I have met and those of you who are passionate about motivating and inspiring “the future.” Thank you for allowing me to walk along side of you as you accomplish some extraordinary feats.

Committed to your success,

Julie Bartkus

PS: PLEASE share your replies/comments/stories below.

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