Leave Them Talking About Your Child Care Program

“Leave them talking” is a concept that I love to discuss because there are so many little, easy things you can do with your staff that will leave them feeling compelled to talk about it for days, weeks and sometimes for years to come. No joke – this can really happen!

These little things are things that inspire positive feelings and are so out of the ordinary it’s fun to talk about them. It’s a “must share” moment. The great thing is once you create these moments for your staff the positive talk about them will counteract or override the negative chit chat that may be circulating.

What are some things that you can do that would leave them talking?

Here’s a personal example that you can easily incorporate into your program. I got married just about a year ago. Tom and I wanted to do something that my niece Amber and our son Mason would remember for their entire lives as a celebration of them standing up for us at our wedding. So we decided to go to a famous restaurant known for their pies and order every single piece of pie on the menu.

Mason and Amber did not know we were going to do this so when the waiter asked what kind of pie we would like I responded with: “It’s tough to make a decision. I think we’ll have one of each. And four glasses of milk!”

Amber and Mason looked at me like I was crazy and the waiter needed me to repeat what I just said. Then he brought out all of the pieces of pie that his tray could hold. He set them on the table one by one and looked at me and said: “I guess I’ll go and get more pie.” We said great!

Mason was very quick to put the piece of chocolate cream pie in front of him and we all started sampling the different pieces.

Before we knew it the manager was at our table and several other waiters were peering in our direction. Additionally – the customers were watching us having a blast sampling all sorts of pie. Before the evening concluded we voted on our favorite pie and went back several times to order it. It was the apple cheesecake (okay not a pie – not technically anyway).

We sampled close to 30 pieces and created an experience that we’ll never forget and most likely never have again.

There’s my niece, Amber. My son, Mason and amazing husband, Tom.

My challenge for you this week is to think about one idea that will leave them talking. Have fun!

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2 thoughts on “Leave Them Talking About Your Child Care Program

  1. Camille Brown says:

    Do you do keynotes? Tyler AEYC is seeking a speaker for Week of the Young Child in April 2010. It is an evening event and the speaker usually speaks for 45 minutes. Please let me know is you do this?

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