Child Care Conferences

Child Care Conferences

Imagine if you could pick the topic you were most interested in learning about at a child care conference and then be able to schedule your learning at a time that is convenient for you. No worries about what sessions you would have to decide between or how you can share the information with your staff.

It wouldn’t matter what you were wearing because the conference would come to you at a time and location that best suited your needs and schedule.

The great news is that today this type of learning is possible. Thanks to the Leadership Connection for child care professionals you can now discover over 70 topics to help you manage, motivate and retain great staff in your child care program.

Topics range from Stress Management to Eliminating Gossip to Competitive Benefits and Wages.

All you have to do is visit the Leadership Connection’s website at and decide what information you would like to learn first, second and third. Then for less than what you would pay for one conference registration you can continue your education by listening to however many sessions you feel you would gain value from.

Additionally – – your entire staff can listen in to whatever sessions you feel would best support them in their roles. Topics such as: Customer Service, Engaging Men in Child Care or Going Green.

The possibilities are really endless and affordable!


You also have the same (or better!) networking benefits through the Leadership Connection’s discussion forum. The director’s forums are a great place for you to share your challenges and get solutions to the problems you’re currently facing. Whether you’re dealing with cell phones at work or other inappropriate behaviors solutions are truly at your fingertips with the Leadership Connection for child care professionals.

Visit the Leadership Connection today.

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